Sears Appliance Hardware Sweepstakes –

Whats the deal?

You’re going to be rewarded using a sweepstakes entry for a 200 Sears Gift Card by simply choosing the Sears Hardware Store poll. The poll will take approximately two minutes to finish and at the very close of the poll you may be automatically entered to win 1 of 10 $200 gift cards given out monthly. To initiate the poll you want to find the 1 2 digit SALESCHECK # in your own reception. You’ll Also want the ASSOCNumber, the RINGING ASSOC# and the date of trip. Most the info is seen in the Sears Hardware reception.

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This hot US department store was founded in 1893 and is currently located from Hoffman Estates, Illinois. This multi billion dollar international company was actually set up as a mailorder catalogue with way of a Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck. Times have changed as 1893 and Sears offers men and womens clothing, home products, footwear, bedding, jewelry, furniture, beauty items, appliances, hardware tools, and electronic equipment at the average to above normal price.

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Look for a Sears Towards You


Where You Can choose the Sears Hardware Sweepstakes Survey